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Tarion New Home Warranty: Ontario New Home Builders should prepare for these changes.

What’s changed…why can’t I do service the way I always have? 

Government Oversight

Approaching Warranty service the way you did in the past will cost you more, limit how much you can build and impact your reputation.


The consumer has changed. They want what they want now, and their willingness to pay for a better customer experience. Your service is likely not what they consider customer focused!


Consumers judge quality by the length of the warranty. Builders must prove quality and differentiate themselves as the market returns to normal. Providing better after-sales support through best-in-class Warranty services, Extended Warranties, and Maintenance Programs is an opportunity.


Market normalization will require builders to understand hidden costs. The cost of service is drastically understated. Focus site staff on quality, schedule and safety.

“Servicing Warranty is an opportunity not just an obligation!”

We offer programs for builders!

SixBuilder Basic

Designed for the Builder that has onsite staff just needs someone to administer warranty ensuring proper documentation and providing 24/7 emergency contact.

SixBuilder Pro

Designed for the Builder who understands the value of being proactive about servicing warranties and differentiating quality home construction.


Designed for the Large Builder that wants to offer a professional process to include extended Warranty and Maintenance Programs for their customers controlled exclusively by their staff.

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At HOMEBYSIX, all we do is Warranty Service and Maintenance programs for New Home Construction in Ontario

Protect your Tarion risk assessmenT… Ask us how! 

Drive traffic to your website… Ask us how!

Differentiate your builder business…Ask us how!

Build a really good home… we’ve got service!

SixBuilder Basics

Designed for the Builder that has onsite staff and needs someone to administer warranty, ensuring proper documentation and providing 24/7 emergency contact.

Occupancy to 7 Years 

All statutory Tarion Reports submitted by customers

24hr Emergency Call contact/Dispatch of Builder trades or Builder staff. 

Call center Email reporting and documentation for Builder Customer 

Documentation- reporting and follow-up tracking

Work with builder staff and trades to schedule and ensure work is completed.


Designed for the Builder who understands the value of being proactive about servicing warranties and differentiating quality home construction.

PDI to 7Years

*All statutory Tarion Reports, A trained representative will attend and assist Homeowner with 
Completing Tarion reports and then working with builders to ensure work is completed within Tarion Builder Repair Period.

24hr Emergency Contact

Customer Phone/Email and social media response and support

AIl self-help support for customers on the Builder Website

Customer online self-help scheduling 

Customer sign-off to completion of items 

Customer surveys 

Analytics to identify common claims and assist with continuous improvement

HomeBySix Representative attends and proactively completes all Statutory Warranty Reports (PDI, 30, one year, MSD)

Work with builder staff and trades to schedule and ensure work is completed

30% off- 2 Year Spring and Fall home maintenance inspection Home maintenance work is charged to the homeowner directly by HOMEBYSIX 

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BuilderXSix – Licenced Builder Franchisee

Designed for the Large Builder, typically more than 100 units per year, that have the internal staff and want to offer a professional process to include extended Warranty and Maintenance Programs for their customers. 

Private label of the entire HomeBySix process to be adopted and controlled by Builder Staff. 

Proprietary HomeBySix Software set up to include integration with websites and social media. 

Personalized knowledge base (AI) for customer self-help.

Assistance with transferring information from the current to the HomeBySix model 

Training support staff and onsite staff.

Ongoing support assistance includes new staff integration and developments to better fit Builder’s business. 

This customized offer will require full knowledge of needs before pricing. However, we guarantee it is more cost-effective than what you currently do!

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Why is new home warranty Ontario important to Builders?

  • Compliance with the Law: When you buy a new home in Ontario, the law requires that the builder provides you with warranty coverage. This is not only to meet legal requirements, but also to avoid any issues or disagreements that may come up later on. It’s a good way to protect yourself and make sure you’re covered.
  • Builder Accountability: The implementation of a new home warranty program has been put in place to ensure that builders strictly follow building codes, regulations, and industry standards. This program not only holds builders accountable for the quality of their construction projects but also demonstrates their unwavering commitment to delivering homes of satisfactory quality to their clients. Through warranty coverage, homeowners can rest assured that their investment is protected and any issues that may arise will be addressed promptly and efficiently. This initiative sets a high standard for the construction industry and promotes trust and confidence between builders and their clients.
  • Customer Confidence: The inclusion of a newly available home warranty plan undoubtedly contributes to a heightened sense of assurance and trust for potential homeowners in the building industry. It’s only natural for homebuyers to feel more at ease with builders who offer such coverage, as it serves as a clear indication that the builders have faith in their own workmanship and are willing to take responsibility for any issues that may surface. This, in turn, can greatly bolster the confidence and overall perception of the builder’s project in the eyes of the consumer.
  • Competitive Advantage: In the current housing market, it’s crucial for builders to stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is by providing a comprehensive home warranty as part of the package. This gives homebuyers peace of mind, which is a top priority for many looking for a new home. In fact, builders who offer a warranty are often preferred over those who don’t, making it a key factor in gaining a competitive edge in the industry.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Providing a home warranty is an excellent way for a builder to establish a trustworthy reputation for delivering top-notch homes. Homeowners who receive timely and efficient warranty service are highly satisfied and are more inclined to spread positive word-of-mouth about the builder. This leads to an increased likelihood of recommendations to others and ultimately results in improved sales and business growth. The benefits of offering a home warranty go beyond providing peace of mind to homeowners; it’s a strategic business move that can pay dividends in the long run.
  • Risk Mitigation: The home warranty program that has recently been introduced provides builders with a well-organized and systematic approach to handle potential risks and liabilities. This program specifically caters to homeowner grievances and effectively resolves any issues that may arise, thereby preventing the need for expensive legal proceedings. With its comprehensive approach, this program ensures that builders can maintain high standards of quality and customer satisfaction, while minimizing any negative impact on their business operations.
  • Collaboration with Tarion: When builders sign up for the new home warranty program, they become partners with Tarion, the organization responsible for managing and enforcing the warranty. This partnership provides builders with access to Tarion’s vast knowledge, resources, and conflict resolution services, which can significantly expedite the process of resolving any warranty claims that may arise. By working together, builders and Tarion can ensure that homeowners receive the best possible service and support, which ultimately benefits everyone involved in the home building process

Builders in the province of Ontario are fortunate to have access to a robust new home warranty program. This program offers a wide range of benefits that ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, in still confidence in customers, provide a competitive edge in the marketplace, enhance reputation, minimize risks, and facilitate effective collaboration with Tarion. By offering warranty coverage, builders can protect their interests, cultivate positive relationships with homeowners, and contribute to the growth and success of the local construction industry. Overall, the new home warranty program is an essential component of Ontario’s construction landscape, providing invaluable support for builders, homeowners, and regulators alike.

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SixBuilder Basic

"My builder business is only 5 years old but the requests for service became unmanageable, I was always afraid of that next phone call. The surety that all requests for service were being documented and dealt with gave me peace of mind. Thank you!" - Arthur S.

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SixBuilder Pro

"My family, thanks you. I used to get emails and calls at any hour and admittedly grew to hate the calls. I now know my customers are happy and rave about our first class service." - Brian T.

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"It’s tough to admit but the warranty was always painful. Our site guys just wanted to build, not stand around and answer customer questions. Removing the communication around warranty has let us focus our site staff to build more. "
- Alison P.

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