Are you a Homeowner?

We protect our cars with routine inspections and extended warranties… why don’t we protect our greatest investment in the same way?

Newly Constructed Home

Before buying… ask yourself how your New Home warranty is being serviced?

I genuinely believe Builders have the best intentions to complete warranty work on time… until the next on-site challenge hits them.

We believe to do anything well takes FOCUS.

We believe Homeowners have the right to be HEARD, treated with reasonable urgency and well INFORMED.

We believe Happy Customers BUILD BETTER builders.

Have any questions? Let’s get in touch!

We understand that buying a new home and protecting it can be difficult to understand.

Our team is here to help you navigate and get the most value out of new home insurance.

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"Tammy from HomeBySix was simply fantastic to our mom. She quickly became a trusted assistant."
- Matthew Y.

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"Our father died a few years back and we live too far away to assist mom with small tasks around the house. Selling the family home was becoming a fearful conversation until HomeBySix was recommended."
- Trisha K.

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