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Your largest investment deserves focus

We partner with Builders to service the required Tarion warranty and then work with Homeowners in providing extended warranties and maintenance programs.

Introducing HomebySix!

Your largest investment deserves focus.

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Our combination of highly trained people, proprietary technology and understanding of the building and property management industry will make your business more competitive, costumes happy, and your home by six. 

We protect our cars with routine inspections and extended warranties….why don’t we protect our greatest investment in the same way?

Founder HomeBySix

I truly believe Builders have the best intentions to complete warranty work on time… until the next on-site challenge hits them.

– Ali K, Home Owner with the 6

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We understand that buying a new home and protecting it can be difficult to understand.

Our team is here to help you navigate and get the most value out of new home insurance.