Are you a Property Manager?

We are the maintenance and communication gateway for better Property Managers across Ontario

Our goal is to manage the communication so you can focus on moving your business forward.

Routine maintenance scheduling…Ask us how! 

Service dispatch to include a time tracker… Ask us how!

24/7 Ticketed communication with your renters… Ask us how!

Automated notifications…continuous communication with tenants

Professional and friendly customer service representatives…for that not computer savvy.

Self-help portal

Have any questions? Let’s get in touch!

We understand that buying a new home and protecting it can be difficult to understand.

Our team is here to help you navigate and get the most value out of new home insurance.

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SixBuilder Pro

"My aging parents live in an apartment where in the past they had to hunt down the apartment manager, they always felt bad, now they simply go to the property managers website and ask a question. If they need something specific they submit a ticket."
- Beth C.

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"We have been using the service and then discovered we could use it for visitor parking registration and scheduling elevators during moving. "
- Craig V.

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SixBuilder Basic

"My rental company is relatively small but the communication with tenants was overwhelming. Your services let me focus on growing my business and let me have some quiet time with family. "
- Erik D.

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