How to sell my home in a competitive market?

Sell my home…in a competitive market! 

Until recently anything on the Ontario Housing Market would sell in any condition, often well over asking…we aren’t in that Market anymore!

Today selling your home will require a strategy of patience, price and making your presentation unique

Professional photos and staged homes have become the norm, and although important, it simply gets potential buyers in the door. Separating the curious from the motivated will require a different approach. In a period of normal real estate activity and higher interest rates, we will see conditional offers of financing/selling or the results of home inspections become the norm. We will also see more scrutiny from lenders to ensure their investment, yes they are the investors of your dream, is worth the risk. 

Home inspections from the seller are always a stressful period, no matter what condition your house is in there is always heightened anxiety.

At Home By Six we offer a different approach….be proactive! 

Get me ready Pre-selling Inspection!

Home By Six will inspect and prioritize, recommending repairs to make your home more sellable in this ever-challenging market. We complete the inspection with the focus of a Home Inspector and the viewpoint of a potential buyer. We will identify high-priority items in a menu format and let our clients determine what they can or need assistance doing. 

Gift them…

      … One-year Home maintenance package!

Differentiate your home by calming potential buyers’ fears of the unknown…offering a gift that helps them adjust to their new home. 

Homeowner Helper is a program designed for the new owners of a previously enjoyed home. It is always difficult to understand the inner workings of a new home.  A trained and focused eye will teach the new owners about the unique items of their home, what to watch for and provide support. The program includes two learning sessions with checklists and guides specific to their new home.

A gift that is built on throughout ownership 

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  1. 100% that’s the way to differentiate yourself. I wanted to leave a full instruction guide when we sold our house, you know all the fine details of our house. Our real estate said don’t because then they can come back on you. This seems like a really good idea

  2. Your blog provides beneficial information on a variety of topics. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.


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