How do Builders and HOMEBYSIX work together?

Builder and HOMEBYSIX…..a perfect team!

There is no doubt that the Ontario New Home Building industry is not the same as our grandparents experienced. Homes are more sophisticated, consumers more demanding and regulations are ever tightening. Processes, scheduling and safety are more common utterances of modern builders than hands-on skills.

Outsource what you are not focused on

Builders by nature are focused forward and with the best intentions want to provide excellent customer service by being responsive to warranty concerns….until the next challenge hits them.

At HOMEBYSIX we only focus on protecting your 6….what’s behind you? We have developed processes, people and software with the customer experience in mind. Our detailed approach increases customer satisfaction and your reputation. HOMEBYSIX offers a variety of packages for builders and homeowners including extended warranties and maintenance packages.

Builder current model to servicing Warranty

Dedicated Service Person or Team

Challenge – Processes to include documenting and following up.

Challenge – High turnover rates.

Challenge – Slow down in the building, same cost.

Challenge – What are they doing when not doing service?

Site Supervisors

Challenge – Too many competing priorities.

Challenge – Failure to properly document.

Challenge – Person-to-person variations on how warranty is serviced.

Challenge – Rate of mobilization, they go to do one thing but don’t bring everything needed to finish the entire list.

Changes to Tarion New Home Warranty…get ready for this!

The changes coming to Tarion’s New Home Warranty will increase the challenges for small to medium builders to remain compliant. More oversight of building practices, financial means and how you deal with customers will require a substantial investment in your process to service warranties.  The “Special Audit of the Tarion Warranty Corporation” of 2019, provides a clear direction of what is coming for Ontario Home Builders and it isn’t privatization!

A warranty should be a Marketing Opportunity

Consumers associate the quality of a product with the length of the warranty or the way it is delivered. Builder’s often claimed QUALITY in their advertising however fail to demonstrate this through warranty programs or how it is administered. Partnering with HOMEBYSIX sets you apart by demonstrating your commitment to servicing New Home Warranty. 

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  1. I have been building homes for years, my company is small building only 15-20homes a year, that adds up to more than 100 homes under warranty at any given time. I have tried to be the point of contact however it gets to much. I think anyone can do warranty for a bit, but just trying to follow up, schedule and document makes it a fulltime job. I need help but afraid this is to expensive for my small company.

    • Hi Allen, our programs are shaped to support Builders of any size and very cost effective. We feel strongly that builders have the people and trades to do the work, it is the communication, scheduling and documenting that we specialize in. Give us a call and lets chat about your needs. We come from Builders so know what you are going through.


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