How does HOMEBYSIX make better builders?

Outsource what you are not focused on…

Building New Homes has many moving parts, and a quiet moment on site is simply waiting for the next challenge. Builders and Site Supervisors always want to provide quality and timely warranty service….until the next challenge strikes. HOMEBYSIX tells Builders to focus forward…we’ve got your 6!

Focus on delivering a quality product on time and budget

HOMEBYSIX has developed processes, people, and software with the customer experience. Our detailed approach increases customer satisfaction and your reputation. HOMEBYSIX offers a variety of packages for builders and homeowners, including extended warranties and maintenance packages.

Better Builders = Homes By Six

6 Software provides insight into everyday warranty items for your homes as compared to the market. Knowing what is working or isn’t working guides your building process.

6 has Extended Warranty programs and discounts for your customer on Maintenance Packages, proving your commitment to quality.

6 Builds better-informed customers through creative engagements making for a more satisfied customer, which builds your reputation.

Changing Tarion regulation

The changes coming to Tarion’s New Home Warranty will increase the challenges for minor to medium builders to remain compliant. More oversight of building practices, financial means and how you deal with customers will require a substantial investment in your process to service warranties. The “Special Audit of the Tarion Warranty Corporation” of 2019 provides a clear direction of what is coming for Ontario Home Builders, and it isn’t privatization!

The HomeBySix support team
Author: The HomeBySix support team

The HomeBySix support team

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