What is Ontario New Home Warranty in 2023?


If you’re in the market for a new home in Ontario, Canada, you’re probably wondering what kind of protection you’ll have. One important thing to consider is the Ontario New Home Warranty program, which is designed to give buyers peace of mind when purchasing a new home. This program ensures that new homes are built to certain standards and that any defects are covered. If you’re curious about how this program can help protect you as a new home buyer, it’s worth learning more about what it covers and how it works.

The program is run by Tarion Warranty Corporation, a non-profit organization that the government of Ontario created to protect new home buyers. It’s important to understand the coverage provided by this program to make an informed decision when buying a new home in Ontario.

Ontario new home warranty

What is Ontario New home warranty?

Ontario’s new home warranty program is called Tarion. It’s a government program that helps protect new home buyers and owners from possible losses. This program was created in 1976, and it’s in charge of managing the New Home Warranties Plan Act in Ontario, which is important because it helps ensure new homes are built well and that homeowners are protected if something goes wrong.

Tarion has helped over 2 million new homes in Ontario. Right now, there are an estimated 365,000 new homes in the program, and every year around 50,000 more homes join. Tarion does a few different things to help protect homeowners. They enroll new homes in the program, help educate homeowners about their Ontario new home warranty rights, help solve any problems between homeowners and builders and make sure builders are following the rules. They also offer deposit protection and help if there’s a delay in closing, and investigate and prosecute any builders who don’t follow the rules.

All builders in Ontario have to be registered with Tarion and follow the Construction Performance Guidelines. This helps ensure new homes in Ontario are built to a high standard. Overall, Tarion is a very important program that helps protect new homeowners and make sure new homes are built well.

What does Ontario New Home Warranty Covers?

When you buy a new home in Ontario, the builder is required to give you a warranty. Ontario new home warranty is a 7-year insurance cover for any problems that might happen with your new home. The warranty should cover a few different things to protect you as a homeowner.

The warranty should include deposit insurance, protection against financial losses for contract homes, protection against delayed closing or occupancy, and coverage for work and material defects for 1 and 2-year warranties. It should also include coverage for major structural defects for 7 years. If you’re buying a condominium, the warranty should also include protection for the shared areas, like the lobby or gym.

The warranty coverage starts on the day you take possession of your home or condominium and lasts until the warranty expires. Even if you sell your home before the warranty expires, the warranty still applies to the new homeowner. For condominiums, the warranty coverage starts on the day the condominium corporation is registered. However, common elements in vacant land condominiums don’t have this coverage.

Before you buy a new home, it’s important to understand what the warranty covers and what it doesn’t cover. Make sure your builder explains everything clearly and make sure they are certified and reliable.

New home pre-delivery inspections

Before you move into a new home, it’s important to have a pre-delivery inspection. This inspection is done to check the new home’s condition and ensure everything is in good condition before you move in.

During the inspection, you should be looking for any defects or problems that don’t match what you were promised. If you find something you don’t like, you should make sure to write it down on the pre-delivery inspection form. Ask questions and make sure you understand everything about the home before you move in.

After the inspection, the builder should fix any problems you find before you move in. Pre-delivery inspections are less detailed than a standard home inspection and can be done even if the house is still under construction.

It’s important to note that the pre-delivery inspection form is not the same as a warranty service request. This means that if you don’t write something down on the form, it doesn’t mean you can’t get it fixed under warranty. However, if you don’t write something down, it might be harder to prove that the problem existed before you moved in.

If there are any issues that aren’t fixed before you move in, you should write them down on the 30-day form or the year-end form. These forms are warranty service requests, and the builder has to fix the issues within a certain amount of time.

How to handle issues that occur after moving in:

Even though you had a pre-delivery inspection, sometimes problems or defects might not appear until you’ve lived in the house for a while. This is normal and is called “new house settling.” Some examples of this might be small cracks in the walls or nails popping out.

If you notice any of these issues, the first thing you should do is contact your builder. They should be able to help you fix the problem. If your builder is not responding to your re`quests, you can contact the warranty provider. They will help mediate between you and the builder and make sure the issue gets resolved.

Are you having problems? Ask us how we can help!

If you need more information on how to take care of your new home, you can visit the warranty provider’s website. They often give helpful advice on buying a new home, choosing a builder, and maintaining your new home.

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